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Moringa Cinnamon Tea Bags

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30 Individual Moringa Cinnamon Tea Bags

An enjoyable tea with a subtle moringa taste. The cinnamon really shines in this tea, it is not too overpowering but enough to flavour the tea with a wonderful cinnamon flavour.

This Moringa cinnamon tea is a must try for the tea fanatic.

Not only does this tea have a fantastic flavour, it is also packed with nutrients. These Moringa Tea bags are truly a superfood.

Our Cinnamon Moringa Tea can serve as a fantastic energy drink that is just loaded with antioxidants and vitamins that will help clear your mind and boost your energy levels. The tea is 100% pure organic tea from dried Moringa & green tea Leaves sourced at the Moringa Farm in India.

A great addition to your daily hot drinks in the office!

Customer Reviews

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Glen M.
Thumbs Up for Moringa Cinnamon Tea Bags

Have read about the benefits of the Moringa tree for some years now so just recently I came across a place that was selling Moringa Cinnamon Tea Bags & thought I would give them a try. I have only used half a packet so far but really enjoy the flavour as my first cuppa in the day & have just placed an order fore some more. Cheers!

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