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Cold Pressed Moringa Oil

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All our Moringa oil is first harvested and then the seeds are cold pressed under temperature controlled conditions into a pure, high grade Moringa Olifera oil. This is all done in India at the Moringa Farm

Please take note that to keep the quality of our Moringa as high as possible with absolute maximum nutritional value, the farm only harvests in small amounts at a time and this is why sometimes you will see sold out. But please come back as we are not normally sold out for long. These Moringa Products are extremely high in quality and therefore we will ensure you get the items in the best possible condition.

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Frances Creelman 0
Moringa oil

Have been using since I got it 3 weeks ago and my skin has improved, no oily residue after it has absorbed and my skin is softer and stay’s moisturised longer, very happy!

Not just any Oil

My skin is just loving each application of Moringa Oil .The skin on my arms and face is smooth with no more dry patches .
Love it 😍

Steve Douce
It's true what they say

Been using this oil since delivery and find it to be excellent for everyday use for general moisturising wherever you need to use it


Moringa oil

I love it! I have been using a small amount twice a day and have noticed improvement after just 1 week. My skin is softer, feels great, looks younger and healthier. Dry patches have disappeared completely. I would recommend it without hesitation to anyone who wants to improve their skin. Need small amount only, so it goes a long way. I have started using it on my scalp as well to help with my dull hair.

Sonia Berry

Love the oil skin just soaked it up