Each week we get a heap of questions in regards to our Moringa. So I will try to keep adding to this FAQ section so you can get the information without waiting for me to reply.

Can I Come & Buy From You in Person

No sorry. This is an online store only. There is no physical address and all orders are sent via mail.

Where is Your Shop Located

Again we are an online store only. There is no physical address unfortunately.

How Many Capsules a Day Should I Take?

This is up to you. Moringa is very similar to a vegetable so you can't really take too much. I like to suggest taking 2 in the morning and 2 at night to start with. See how you feel and increase as necessary. It is also important to note Moringa is a novel food here in Australia. Please check out the relative information found here.

How Long Until I Feel a Difference

This is going to be depending on how much Moringa you decide to take. On average people feel the benefits within a week of taking Moringa. It may take longer as your body goes through a bit of a detoxification process due to the high amount of Chlorophyll that Moringa contains. If you are not feeling any benefits after a week, up your dosage.

I have X Disorder or I am Suffering From X Disease. Will Moringa Help or Cure me?

Please know there is absolutely no way we can or will give medical advice on Moringa. It has some amazing healing benefits as I am sure you know, but it is still a case by case basis. Please make sure you speak to your doctor or health care professional before buying/taking Moringa.

Why Are You Not Replying to my Emails

First I am very sorry if we accidentally miss an email. We try my hardest to reply to everyone and sometimes an email will slip through. The biggest issue I have found though is my emails go to your junk mail. Please make sure you check your junk mail for any reply.