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Made a Difference

I take two a day with Mooringa and my whole system felt so much better

I need more!!! Great morning or night

Yes this is excellent product

Lovely oil - my skin drinks it up

Love this product I’ve bought it several times now

Got my whole family onto this. Felt a difference within days

Mind Fuel
Rob Flanigan

Mind Fuel

Love the moringa capsules, good results, skin looks healthy.

Moringa Powder
Jo Golinski

I have been using the pure moringa powder, capsules and tea (with cinnamon) for the past two weeks, whilst I still have pain, the swelling and stiffness in my hands has dramatically eased. I 100% recommend these products.

Production is of good quality

Product is fine

My thoughts on using Cold Pressed Moringa Oil

I have only been using this oil for a couple of weeks, so it’s a little early to see big changes to my skin yet! I decided to use it at night to replace my usual moisturiser and find that 1 pump dispensed is enough to massage into my face, neck, décolletage & back of hands! The oil consistency is “thick”, yet quickly absorbs into skin & no greasy/oil feeling - just nicely moisturised! I have noticed that blemishes do heal quickly and neck & décolletage areas seem less wrinkly (these areas are for me showing my age (56) more so than my face!) So now that I’ve noticed these improvements gives me proof that it’s actually working well & to keep going & see how I’m going to look when I’ve finished my first bottle!!!
I have also been taking the Moringa capsules for well over a year to supplement my diet & feel that my skin has benefited from taking this superfood supplement & by using the oil on the outside, then I’m tackling the signs of aging both inside & out!
I feel that this combination of using Moringa is both do-able and affordable for me & I love the fact that it’s all natural too!
I’m looking forward to both looking & feeling better as I do my best to age gracefully in a natural way!

Moringa Capsules

Since I started taking Moringa capsules, after a couple of weeks, I felt that I had more energy, I’m not tired and it also helped with my aching hips.

We believe in the power and goodness of Maringa.

My Husband and I are both taking Maringa Leaf capsules because of the multi beneficial Goodness in every one. As we are in our early 70's and still on the land, retired, we want to keep active, eat healthily and only take Maringa tbs twice a day each for our health. We believe in the power of Maringa, and also have a Maringa tree.




Within days of taking these capsules I noticed changes. No more bloating, no brain fog, regular bowel movements. I have since put my sister, mum, my son and my daughter onto them!

Organic Moringa Leaf Capsules


It helps with the aching pain on my ankles

Good customer service

Moringa powder

Only been using for a short time, however I’m feeling great!

Good customer service

Mind Fuel
Razia Pak Din
Mind Fuel

First bottle and only used for over a week. I hope it will improve my memory retention. Not sure, if I can feel any changes yet.

Turmeric & Pepper Capsules
Marilyn Waddington
very good for inflamation

i have had a great improvement less inflamation

Triphala capsules

From day one of taking Triphala capsules, I noticed a difference. After a week, I purchased a large pack. Triphala has joined my other Moringa products that have made a huge difference to my life.