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Less than 100 grams not the 140 grams

I was disappointed when I received my Ashwagandha Powder capsules as it weighed 96 grams (home scales), So I felt let down by Moringa Products, I've used 1 or 2 pills and they have helped with my mood and sleep.

Very Good Product

Iam happy with the tables and the service.

Moringa Capsules

Hi I have autoimmune diseases and on immune suppression meds. The Moringa capsules have been helping me keep on top of it all. When my appetite drops or im ill I still take them daily. My specialists are so happy at my health.
Please note autoimmune and ashwagander don't mix well. It makes people like me violently ill.

Magic Powder

I always feel both calmer and yet energetic when I have Ashwagandha powder. Love adding this to my morning smoothie.

Moringa capsules

The capsule is smelly and have a foul after taste. Will know the efficacy later when I take more since I just started taking it.

Very very good

I am using morning of this medication than recommend 4 tablet 3 times a day and I've gone from 120cm around belly to 91cm
So this medication is a super duper FAT cutter..
And my stomach has been excellent with much more than I can say.
It's duckin good stuff

It seems to be working…..

I ordered moringa to help with arthritis in my lower back, right hip and left knee. At first it seemed to produce “ heat” in my lungs ( I am asthmatic) and now my left knee is feeling less painful. I will continue to use the product, hoping my hip is next!
I take two capsules with meals, 3x a day.

Thank you I am very happy with the capsules. My immune system is definitely stronger since using the capsules. I have stopped taking the usual vitamin daily as this capsule is enough.

Too soon to tell if these have made any real difference or live up to the claims. Time will tell

Great product, helps digestion, and bowel health, really happy with your Triphala Capsules.

Turmeric & Pepper Capsules
Jennifer Ricardo
Turmeric and Pepper Tablets

Have been taking tablets For pain in my hands due to having Arthritis .They are alot better .Iam also taking the Moringa tablets as well .Really feeling good so thankyou ever so much .

Moringa Tablets

Hi feeling alot better since taking tablets. I have ben taking 3 a day and my hands are not as sore .(Have Arthritis) I would say give them a go.

Cold Pressed Moringa Oil
Frances Creelman 0
Moringa oil

Have been using since I got it 3 weeks ago and my skin has improved, no oily residue after it has absorbed and my skin is softer and stay’s moisturised longer, very happy!

Organic Moringa Leaf Capsules
Frances Creelman 0
Mornings Capsules

I have been talking these 2 x twice a day and I believe my inflammation in my legs is subsiding
I will continue and hopefully see more benefits!

Moringa Tea
Maria Ortigas

Hi, I thought I ordered a Moringa loose leaf tea, the one I always ordered from Cairn. I didn't know you are a different company. The previous I'm using, I just put it in a boiling
water and leave it for 15 minutes before drinking it. Yours, I have to boil it for 3 to 5 minutes and I don't like it to much to do. But, I love Moringa! Thanks anyway.


Received my moringa capsules this week.
Moringa is one of the best superfood to have!
Growing up in an asian culture, we use to have moringa leaves cooked and mixed with our food. It is known to be very nutritious. Works well with lactation.
Will try other moringa products soon..
Thanks Moringa products for this!😊

Moringa Powder
Green Power

Add my powder to my morning smoothie and just keep feeling healthier.So happy I finally learnt about the benefits of this wonder powder .
Thank you

Not just any Oil

My skin is just loving each application of Moringa Oil .The skin on my arms and face is smooth with no more dry patches .
Love it 😍


I've been taking 2 per day for about 3 weeks now.
Can't say I've noticed any change really, I'm feeling ok, but I always feel ok anyway.
I will continue.
The lemon tea is nice, its a green tea really.

Getting out of pain.

I only received my order this week and decided to use 3 tablets three tumes a day. Yesterday i went up to 4 tablets as i was stl experiencing pain.have ft terr with the 4 tablets. Will continue with 4 three times a day till arthritic pain and severe sciatic pain decreases and then i will be ableto go back to three 4 timeza day.

It's true what they say

Been using this oil since delivery and find it to be excellent for everyday use for general moisturising wherever you need to use it


Moringa oil

I love it! I have been using a small amount twice a day and have noticed improvement after just 1 week. My skin is softer, feels great, looks younger and healthier. Dry patches have disappeared completely. I would recommend it without hesitation to anyone who wants to improve their skin. Need small amount only, so it goes a long way. I have started using it on my scalp as well to help with my dull hair.

Hi have been trying the moringa tablets taking 3 times a day. I am in my 60s still working with really sore fingers as Arthritis is making it very painfull to work. It has been 3 weeks and yes i have noticed an improvement [ i am still trying to completely cut out tomatoes and sugar from my diet but its really hard.]They do help and i would recommend that you try them .

Moringa Soap

Love the soap very great for the skin and it's helpful for my daughter with her skin condition thanks

Best Ashwaganda I can find in Australia

Loved the quality of this product! It worked really well and very quickly. I was so impressed with the results I don't even trust other brands as much. loved it.