Important Information

Important Information

Throughout Australia, Moringa is classified as a “Novel Food” & not a ‘Normal Food’. Therefore Moringa products cannot be “sold as” a human “nutritional supplement” or “food” by anyone or any shop.

However, There are no restrictions whatsoever in using or uses of Moringa. (Additionally, Moringa Oleifera is recognised as an active ingredient by the TGA)

Accordingly, THIS WEBSITE DOES NOT SELL our Moringa as a human ‘food’ or ‘Nutritional supplements’ but will only sell you 

1)  READY MADE non human nutritional items, and, 

2)  MADE TO ORDER forms of Moringa you instruct us to produce


The Australian Department of agriculture, fisheries & forestry report on Moringa, states that, because of its richness in nutrients, it can, and is, being variedly used – from being forage & nutritious food for poultry and cattle (animals), medicinal treatments for vast ranges of ailments, to even biofuel production.

Above uses come from raw material of the plant. Australia’s developmental & remedial needs for Moringa is deserving, & supply should be met within Australia, without losing our skills, jobs & this industry with more imports.


Being Australian Moringa Farmers, & also with GMP Processing & Laboratory Facilities, we supply (Ready made) Moringa Items, PLUS (Made to order) Moringa raw materials in various forms a customer demands, for whatever uses they need it for.

How to obtain Moringa from Moringa Farm Australia (online shop) –
1    READY MADE (standard Items)
2    MADE TO ORDER (we process your trees, or buy our tree branches to process yourselves)
3    MADE TO ORDER (buy our harvested leaves, flowers, etc, with an instruction to process them into powder, capsules, honey, drops, liniments, etc

( Made to order, on demand, raw materials ) are delivered in customer chosen forms of Moringa & come without any instructions or recommended uses.

Our specialised processing is, to shred, desiccate, dry, extract, or mill & fill, using temperature controlled drying, air-conditioned processing, with immediate & continueing refrigeration

Our extremely important ‘Cold Chaining’ prevents our raw Moringa to decay quickly, ensuring highest potencies, in whatever use they are meant for. Even our organic foliar spray fertiliser needs ‘cold chaining’.

Please treat all our website information regarding human benefits from Moringa only as general information, & not as any recommendations. Thank you for your co-operation