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Fill your cup – and your tank – with revitalising Moringa tea. Made with certified organic Moringa and green tea leaves, our teas are a nutrient-packed alternative to your morning latte or afternoon Earl Grey. Brimming with antioxidants, Moringa tea promotes a clear mind, glowing skin and increased energy. Refreshing and flavourful, it may also help lower blood sugar and blood pressure, while supporting brain health. Drink up!

* Highest grade organic Moringa tea available in Australia 

* Rich in antioxidants & anti-inflammatory compounds

* Contains 100% pure, organic Moringa leaves + green tea leaves

* Sip on 90+ nutrients

* Rich source of iron, calcium, potassium & Vitamin C 

* May benefit blood pressure, energy, immunity & more

* Enjoy multiple refreshing flavours Choose from loose leaf tea & teabags

  • A Popular Drink

    Tea is the second most consumed drink globally. The first? Humble H20. 

  • Medicinal Values

    The Chinese first discovered tea way back in 2737BC, when it was used as an antidote to poisonous herbs.

  • Huge Variety

    There are A LOT of different types of tea to choose from. Around 3000 to be more specific. 

  • Time of the Teabag

    That teabag you’re dunking? You can thank the land of convenience. Teabags were invented in the US in the early 1900s. 

  • One Amazing Plant

    Black, green, white, oolong… all teas come from the Camellia sinensis plant, native to Asia. It’s how the leaves are processed after harvesting that makes them look and taste so different.

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  • How Much do we Drink?

    We love our tea! Australians drink around 9.5 cups per person per week. The biggest consumers? The over-65s, who each fill their cup almost 11 times a week.

  • The Champagne of Tea

    Dubbed the ‘Champagne of tea’, all Darjeeling tea must come from a specific region. Namely, the Darjeeling region in the foothills of the Himalayas. 

  • Who Drinks the Most?

    The Brits may be renowned for their love of a cuppa, but it’s actually the Irish who put away the most. 75% of the thirsty population consumes 6 cups a day on average. 

  • Good Tea is Patience

    According to the experts, we need to slow down. While we should really let those tea leaves steep for 2 full minutes, it seems only 20% of us have the patience.

  • Time For a Tea Break

    Tea is known to help reduce stress. Just another reason to take a tea break! 

Fresh Moringa Tea. From Farm to Cup.

Grown on the Moringa Farm in India, our organic Moringa tea leaves are harvested in small batches for maximum nutritional value, freshness and flavour. Once processed, the tea is sealed in air-tight containers before being sent to Australia. This care and commitment to quality is what sets Moringa Products apart. With each sip, you can rest assured you’re enjoying the highest grade Moringa tea you can purchase in Australia.

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From The World’s Most Nutrient-Dense Plant

100g of dried Moringa leaves contains…

* 10 x Vitamin A of carrots

* 15 x Potassium of bananas

* 17 x Calcium of milk

* 12 x Vitamin C of oranges

* 25 x Iron of spinach

* 9 x Protein of yoghurt

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Moringa + Green Tea = A Double Dose of Wellbeing

While not as potent asMoringa capsulesorpowder, Moringa tea is a refreshing way to enjoy the many nutritional benefits of India’s ‘Miracle Tree’. What’s more, our tea containsnot one but two superfoods– Moringa Oleifera and green tea. While Moringa contains over 90 nutrients, green tea is a rich source of natural phenols and antioxidants known as catechins.

 The most important of these is ECGC – a plant-based compound with 100 times the free radical-neutralising power of Vitamin C!

Why choose between these incredible teas when you can enjoy both in the same revitalising cup?

Maybe you’re sick of constantly catching colds or waking up with aching joints. Maybe your cholesterol is a little high, or you simply want to boost your energy – naturally. Moringa leaf capsules have a broad range of benefits for a wide range of people. These include:

* Those with a poor diet

* Individuals with arthritis

* Anyone wanting more energy & vitality

* Those with hypertension or high cholesterol

* Anyone experiencing brain fog or problems with cognition (remembering things, problem solving etc)

* Those wanting to increase their immunity

* Diabetics and pre-diabetics

How to enjoy Moringa Tea

Perfect for your morning cuppa or afternoon pick-me-up, our Moringa teas are available both in loose leaf form and convenient tea bags. Simply follow the directions to brew and enjoy whenever the urge strikes.

Not the best sleeper? Be aware that our teas do contain some caffeine, care of the green tea leaves. It may therefore be advisable to limit your consumption before bedtime.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Moringa in high doses may have an abortive effect. Consumption of Moringa tea is not recommended for pregnant women. 

Blends with Benefits

All of our 100% pure organic teas contain a uniquely beneficial blend of dried Moringa leaves and green tea leaves. Enjoy our original Moringa flavour, or tantalise your tastebuds with our ginger, peppermint, lemon, tulsi (holy basil) or stevia infusions. 

  • Moringa is believed to… 

    * Detoxify the body

    * Improve liver function

    * Supplement a poor diet – with 92 nutrients

    * Enhance energy (without caffeine)

    * Lower blood pressure

    * Improve immunity

    * Reduce cholesterol

    * Lower blood sugar

    * Improve mental clarity, memory & concentration

    * Boost your mood

    * Fight off infection

    * Support brain health

    * Help relieve pain

    * Improve wound healing

    * Promote healthy skin & hair

  • Green Tea is believed to…

    * Reduce stress (with theanine)

    * Help soothe a sore throat

    * Regulate blood sugar

    * Promote fat burning 

    * Reduce bad breath

    * Increase metabolism

    * Boost energy (thanks to caffeine)

    * Help prevent tooth decay

    * Aid with weightloss

    * Help alleviate depression 

    * Reduce cancer risk

    * Enhance brain function

    * Help prevent Type 2 diabetes

    * Decrease risk of heart disease

    * Lower risk of stroke