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Ashwagandha Powder in Vegetable Capsules

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This is organic Ashwagandha that is grown on an organic farm in South India and placed into vegetable capsules for easy use. There are no added chemicals or any other additives what so ever, this product is pure Ashwagandha made from extracts of the roots of Withania somnifera.

These pure Ashwagandha Powder capsules are among our most popular products. Our Ashwagandha Capsules are absolutely top of the line in terms of quality. We sell our capsules in 140g Sizes:

  • 140g (Approx 270-300 Capsules)

GST Included in Price

It is important to note that by purchasing our Ashwagandha you are in fact requesting us to harvest a sufficient amount of the Ashwagandha plant as well as purchasing our services to harvest and convert the roots into a natural raw powder.

Supplementing with Ashwagandha could be a simple and effective way to increase your quality of life.

Customer Reviews

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Richard Hicks
Less than 100 grams not the 140 grams

I was disappointed when I received my Ashwagandha Powder capsules as it weighed 96 grams (home scales), So I felt let down by Moringa Products, I've used 1 or 2 pills and they have helped with my mood and sleep.

Hi Richard,

We have tried to email you a few times about this issue but there is no response. We need to see the package and scales you are using to be able to verify this claim.

Kind Regards