Cancer Council Shitbox Rally

Support the largest community
based fundraiser for the
Cancer Council in Australia

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Did you know each month we donate to the Cancer Council as it holds a very special place in our hearts. This year we want to support the Shitbox Rally and we have teamed up with some fantastic and experienced drivers called Vital Organs to tackle the outback and raise money for the ever so important Cancer Council. 100% of the donations are sent straight to the event and we will be sponsoring and donating ourselves as well.

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Introducing Vital Organs

We are a team of two sisters participating in the Cancer Councils Shitbox Rally in June 2024. If you haven’t
heard of this fundraising event, let me tell you a little about it! We are given the opportunity to purchase a roadworthy car worth less than $1500 which the teams use to drive a route of roughly 4000kms. The event we will be participating in runs from Melbourne all the way to Alice Springs and we have six days to complete the journey! There is a good chance that the car will break down, but that is all part of the fun and experience. At the end of the rally all the cars are auctioned off – with all proceeds going to Cancer Council.

Whilst this is sure to be an amazing experience, our motivations for raising money for this cause start very close to home. Our family has been devastated by cancer; our own mother has fought, and won, against cancer four separate times and is still battling the side effects of the treatments today. In 2020, our beautiful, amazing, eccentric aunt lost an agonising battle with ovarian cancer in August. We want your help to change this reality for our family and for so many others like ours.

My sister and I are dedicating our vehicle, time and costumes to our mother, our aunt, our uncle and our friends with our team name: Vital Organs. It is a play on our last name, but also seemingly fits the theme of cancer as well. Our car – a 1987 240GL Volvo – will be painted and decorated in theme with our name and the logos of our sponsors.

What we really need, most of all, is donations to get us there. Each team needs a minimum of $5000 to participate in the rally. At present we are asking you to contribute what you can. We could say the more the better, but this climate has been trying and we understand that “more” may not be within budget, but something, anything would be appreciated.

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  • Shitbox Rally is not a race, rather a challenge to achieve the unthinkable. Travelling across Australia via some of its most formidable roads and remote communities.
    This year the rally aims to raise $2m for Cancer Council, which is used to fund cancer research projects nationally. Since the rally launched in 2009 it has raised over $38million and is the largest funder for the Cancer Council in Australia.

    Shit Box Rally Website 
  • Over $38 million raised

    Founded in 2009, Box Rallies has raised well over $38 million (and climbing) for cancer research with our chosen beneficiary being the Cancer Council

    The Cancer Council 

    We work with regional and often remote isolated communities.

    Our rallies have an enormous impact on revenue into these communities. It is easy for a
    rally to contribute over $85,000 in revenue into a remote stop over.