The Moringa Farm India

Our Products Come Straight From The Moringa Farm in India

The Moringa Farm in South India nurtures and produces the highest quality Moringa Olifera trees and ships the products here to Australia. They use organic and bio-dynamic methods to achieve the highest possible nutritional production. No chemicals or genetically modified organisms are used whatsoever on the farm. All the images you see on this page were taken by me at the actual farm!

moringa farm

The Condition of the Moringa Farm

This year (2019) I got to travel to South India to see the farm and operations first hand. The farm really is in the middle of no where with a 4hr drive from the city. Away from the busy hustle and bustle of the city & people, the Moringa grows naturally without any pesticides or anything to take away from the natural Moringa you are used too. 

Surrounded by hills and greenery, the farm is such an amazing site to see. Irrigation is set up from rain water, the Moringa is grown in separate batches for different maturity and to keep up with demand. 

The Difference Between Australian Grown Moringa And Our Moringa

Contrary to popular belief, there is no real difference between Australian grown and our Indian grown Moringa. As you probably know, Moringa is native to India and grows at full capacity there. Australia is not really a suitable country for growing Moringa, only a few areas can actually do it. Our Moringa is still chock full of nutrients and the leaves are shade dried before being converted into powders, teas and other Moringa products. Moringa is famous for holding its nutrients whilst drying out so you really can't get much fresher or high quality Moringa from anywhere else in Australia!

A Bit More Information

The Moringa farm itself is a very unique experience to visit, there are bananas, onions, coconuts and more all growing around the farm as well. There is a massive well that collects rain water and this is all that is used for irrigation twice a week. Otherwise everything is just harvested to order. You really can't get any more natural than this. I even ate it straight off the branches when I was there!

Important Quality Control Information

To ensure maximum nutrients and the highest standard product you can purchase, we only harvest and import in small batches. So we do apologise if we are out of stock every now and then. We post within 2 days of order. This Moringa should be refrigerated after opening and if any of the product is turning brown, please discard immediately.

Thanks for reading and I really hope you enjoy our Natural Moringa!

(shameless selfie of myself in among the mature Moringa plants at the farm)