The Moringa Farm Australia

Our Products Come Straight From The Moringa Farm

The Moringa Farm Australia nurtures and produces the highest quality Moringa Olifera trees out of far North Australia. They use Australian organic and bio-dynamic methods to achieve the highest possible nutritional production. No chemicals or genetically modified organisms are used whatsoever on the farm. Funny enough, they use their own brand of organic Moringa fertiliser, compost, folia sprays and powder soil boosters – all made of their own Moringa.

Support Australian Made & Produced Projects

The Moringa Farm is 100% completely Australian owned and operated. Every product is grown, cut and produced here in Australia before being sent out to you. 100% Organic Australian made products at a great price, so buy locally and see the benefits it makes to our wonderful country.

The 1st Moringa Farm in Australia

The Moringa Farm is the first Moringa Farm in Australia growing a large range of Moringa products in house. The prices we have on our site and at the farm as well are comparable to German grown & developed Moringa. There is no cheap or unskilled labour going on at the farm, everyone employed are trained and know their products so well. It is the main reason our Moringa products are by far the best and most natural in Australia.

Important Quality Control Information

To ensure maximum nutrients and the highest standard product you can purchase, we only harvest in small batches, processed in air conditioning with immediate refrigeration. This is then posted to you within days (sometimes hours) for absolute freshness. Please do not buy large quantities or freeze our products. Age plays an important factor with Moringa and proper storage is needed. Usually after 6 hours of harvesting, Moringa needs to be refrigerated to prevent decay.

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