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We believe in the power and goodness of Maringa.

My Husband and I are both taking Maringa Leaf capsules because of the multi beneficial Goodness in every one. As we are in our early 70's and still on the land, retired, we want to keep active, eat healthily and only take Maringa tbs twice a day each for our health. We believe in the power of Maringa, and also have a Maringa tree.




Within days of taking these capsules I noticed changes. No more bloating, no brain fog, regular bowel movements. I have since put my sister, mum, my son and my daughter onto them!

Organic Moringa Leaf Capsules


It helps with the aching pain on my ankles

Good customer service

Moringa powder

Only been using for a short time, however I’m feeling great!

Good customer service

Mind Fuel
Razia Pak Din
Mind Fuel

First bottle and only used for over a week. I hope it will improve my memory retention. Not sure, if I can feel any changes yet.

Turmeric & Pepper Capsules
Marilyn Waddington
very good for inflamation

i have had a great improvement less inflamation

Triphala capsules

From day one of taking Triphala capsules, I noticed a difference. After a week, I purchased a large pack. Triphala has joined my other Moringa products that have made a huge difference to my life.

Moringa capsule review

I was told about this product by a friend. He claimed that he had severe arthritis in his hands and the Moringa capsules improved the use of his hands significantly. He gave me a packet because I suffered from severe osteoarthritis in the hands and other parts of my body. My hand have improved at an incredible level, no more fingers that won't bend and feel like they've been broken. The rest of my body has also shown about a 40% improvement.

sensitive skin

I have been diagnosed as being sensitive to salicylates - which include perfume (can you think of anything without perfume?) years and years of suffering from itchy rashes a Dietitian told me to avoid anything with perfume and I have been just fine for many years now (I am 88) I only use Moringa Soap!

Fantastic and life changing. I love this product and will continue to buy. My bf has had swelling in his legs for years, I gave him to take as I was feeling so much better and wanted him to try. He has swelling in his legs (medication has side effects/not nice to take)- but there is definitely something that this wonderful plant has our bodies need. We take everyday and the swelling in his legs is the best theyve been in 5 years. I love this product, it’s helped my mother’s blood pressure too, plus it heals skin conditions (I’ve had a 2yr ingrown hair abscess that has healed after over 2 years). This product is sooo good


Keeps me Healthy

Amazing Product

Such a great supplement! Have noticed increased energy and boosted immunity. Happy to have found Australian made Moringa. Highly recommend and will purchase again :)

seem to be doing me good

My digestive system has improved a lot and the inflamation in my body has eased

Fatigue Fighter
Galee Mottram
Fatigue Fighter

I have found this to be a great help in increasing my energy levels.

love it

very happy with the products if bought oil face and body was leaves my skin nice and clean and fresh will buy again

Great supplement that stops you feeling hungry.

We like this supplement as it aids in digestion and suppresses hunger.

Oil is lovely, only gave 3 stars as the pump on the bottle didn’t work.

Very refreshing

Love the taste. Refreshing cold or hot

Joint Ease Plus
Bronwen Myall
I am surprised!

I can’t deny it, pain from osteoarthritis in both hips seems to have “ eased”, I am taking fewer pain killers. This natural product WORKS!

Moringa tea leaves

My tea came when I was recovering from an illness, with my immunities in disarray and feeling lethargic I needed a pick me, the tea did the trick. Drinking a mug every morning has given me the lift and energy I needed. I informed my doctor of the tea, she highly recommended I keep having drinking the tea. Since drinking the tea and writing this review my energy levels have risen.