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Organic Moringa Leaf Capsules
Adebayo Abdulkareem
The secret behind moringa products

The secret behind this seller is that their products are genuinely organic. Moringa gives little or no benefit if it is not 100% organic. Please keep up the excellent job by providing this non-modified product.
Many thanks!

Moringa Moisturising Cream
Angie Konstantinidis
Love my moringa cream

Amazing cream,I love the feel of this cream when I apply it first thing in the morning feels like silk on my face,I do incorporated it with my rosehip oil beautiful combination.


I have been taking Moringa Leaf capsules for three weeks and have noticed a difference with my energy levels and inflammation issues. I got POTS from Pfizer vaccine and have had a hell of a time over the past six months I have gone from being bed ridden to now being able to walk around the block up two hills which was un thinkable a month ago. I will be re ordering capsules love this product

Turmeric & Pepper Capsules
Rochelle ABUSTAN
It helps me!

I used to wake up with aches and pains in my knees. But since taking Tumeric, I no longer wake up with aches. Im very thankful for the relief!

It helps me!

Great product! I am in menopause and don't sleep well and get hot flushes as a result. Since taking Moringa, the hot flushes are gone and feel rested after a sleep. Plus, my blood pressure is down, my cholesterol and sugar levels are also down. Thank you!

Aswagandha powder

Hi I have noticed a big differenc since I have been taking Aswagandha longer so stressed and sleeping so much better at night thankyou Su

Moringa Powder
Su Bishop

Hi this powder has made a big difference to my life I have fibromyalga I have more energy..thankyou..

A Great Start

The capsules took ten days to arrive so I have only been taking them for not quite two weeks. However, in that time I have definitely felt an increase in energy levels during the day and have been sleeping extemely well at night. I have also noticed a new vitality to my skin. I am hoping the capsules will also aid in managing my arthritis and weight loss but have not noticed a difference here as yet. So far so good and will definitely keep up the regime. They are easy to take and tasteless and have recommended them already to several friends.

Love them

Feeing great love them Thank you Patrick


Just wanted to tell you that I do like your Moringa Tea Bags and would like to buy more in the future BUT they fall apart quite often which is annoying to have leaves in my cup.

Also the part where you unlock the top of the bag isn’t cut very well and hard to open which also causes an issue with breakage.

Ticks a lot of boxes

Fabulous product a lot of benefits in 1 capsule knocked out a lot of pill popping as there’s so much in Moringa leaves … inflammation was my biggest problem but I move much easier now the rest of the goodness included in moringa is just a added bonus well worth the money. I take two 3 times a day seems a lot but better than taking 5/6 different vitamins a day ✔️

Great product

Even though this is a great product I was annoyed that it took 2 weeks to arrive in a very poor package with only one small sticker sealing it. The posty handed me an empty box and then retreaved the tablet packet and pamphlets from his box of other parcels. My earlier deliveries were within 2 days so I was very disappointed to get this late delivery. Not to mention being off this product for almost the 2 weeks and having considerable pain without this great product.


I have been taking Moringa for years, very good for the immune system for colds and flu.
I was a bit disappointed when I purchased the big bag for $150.00 and only got 500 capsules not 600-800 as per the advert.

Good Product

The tablets are good,for me they did what I got them for.

Wonder Pill

Moringa helps me in everything when I am really very low in vitamins all my blood test are getting bad. When I start taking the Moringa after a month of another blood test was so happy everything went normal and up to now still taking it everyday so far didn't catch covid yet thanks to Moringa for protecting me. My hero ❤

Less than 100 grams not the 140 grams

I was disappointed when I received my Ashwagandha Powder capsules as it weighed 96 grams (home scales), So I felt let down by Moringa Products, I've used 1 or 2 pills and they have helped with my mood and sleep.

Hi Richard,

We have tried to email you a few times about this issue but there is no response. We need to see the package and scales you are using to be able to verify this claim.

Kind Regards

Very Good Product

Iam happy with the tables and the service.

Moringa Capsules

Hi I have autoimmune diseases and on immune suppression meds. The Moringa capsules have been helping me keep on top of it all. When my appetite drops or im ill I still take them daily. My specialists are so happy at my health.
Please note autoimmune and ashwagander don't mix well. It makes people like me violently ill.

Magic Powder

I always feel both calmer and yet energetic when I have Ashwagandha powder. Love adding this to my morning smoothie.

Moringa capsules

The capsule is smelly and have a foul after taste. Will know the efficacy later when I take more since I just started taking it.

Very very good

I am using morning of this medication than recommend 4 tablet 3 times a day and I've gone from 120cm around belly to 91cm
So this medication is a super duper FAT cutter..
And my stomach has been excellent with much more than I can say.
It's duckin good stuff

It seems to be working…..

I ordered moringa to help with arthritis in my lower back, right hip and left knee. At first it seemed to produce “ heat” in my lungs ( I am asthmatic) and now my left knee is feeling less painful. I will continue to use the product, hoping my hip is next!
I take two capsules with meals, 3x a day.

Thank you I am very happy with the capsules. My immune system is definitely stronger since using the capsules. I have stopped taking the usual vitamin daily as this capsule is enough.

Too soon to tell if these have made any real difference or live up to the claims. Time will tell

Great product, helps digestion, and bowel health, really happy with your Triphala Capsules.