Ultra Premium Moringa Honey

Ultra Premium Moringa Honey

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Our very special brand of Moringa Honey comprehensively surpasses and genuine “Manuka” or “Jellybush” types of honey in levels of Bio-activity and nutrient ranges. Moringa enriches the medicinal qualities or natural raw honey & adds so much more.

Moringa adds so an additional 36 anti-inflammatory agents, 45 anti-oxidants, 92 nutrients, 9 essential amino acids, 18 additional amino acids and all the Omegas 3, 6, & 9 turning your standard honey into an absolute super food.

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Before Purchasing please read our important information regarding Moringa as a novel food in Australia. 

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Less than 1 percent of each Moringa harvest are flowers. These pretty white flowers exist until they are germinated by bees to become Moringa seeds. The pollen end up as honey in beehives (some near our trees), but to ensure exceedingly high levels of Moringa nutrients in our honey, we marry these honeys with our very rare Moringa Flowers – nectar, baby ‘drumstick’ seeds & pods, pollen & all returning an extremely tasty and nutritional honey.

Both Premium and Ultra-Premium honeys are phyto-nutrient saturated, hyper bio-active & nutritionally dense; having been properly matured from 2 to more than 3 to 6 months respectively.

This Premium Moringa Honey is classified as a novel food that is made to order with no recommended uses. All our honeys come in a glass jar.

Our Moringa Honey contains many desirable elements in its raw, natural form. Imagine raw rainforest honey being infused & super enriched with the monstrous amounts of micro-nutrients of Australian grown Moringa. What a super food!

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