Moringa Skin & Hair Care

Moringa Skin & Hair Care

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This is pure 100% Moringa Oliefera skin care oil. This high quality product is not mixed with any other oils and is cold compressed in a glass dropper bottle. You will not find a more pure Moringa oil on the market. 

This pure graded oil is mainly chosen for its many well documented antioxidants and skin-rejuvenating properties. Our Moringa Oliefera skin care oil contains four times as much collagen as carrot oil, helping to repair the skins collagen fibers. On top of this, the oil contains high levels of Vitamin C which helps stabilise collagen & helps reduce fine lines & repair damaged skin cells.

Our skin care oil comes in 3 sizes – 40ml, 90ml and 190ml.

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Before Purchasing please read our important information regarding Moringa as a novel food in Australia. 

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An increasing number of people are using Moringa skin & hair oil to help treat dry skin, blemish removal, wrinkle reduction, hair rejuvenation and it has even been used effectively with massages increasing your relaxation and emotional well-being. When this oil is used regularly, it helps prevent the re occurrence of blemishes. It also helps clear blackheads and pimples. Due to the high concentration of antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, the Moringa Oliefera oil can be used to help with skin allergies, rashes, acne, eczema, psoriasis and sunburns. We recommend using the oil to start with 3 times a day for 1 week, then dropping down to 1-2 times a day for the second week. Once symptoms have started clearing (normally around the 3rd week) you can use the oil just once per night. 3 drops are quite sufficient for both hands. Read Less